The social security disability login page gets a lot of traffic.  In fact, the login page is one of the most searched-for pages on google related to social security disability.  It is the gateway to managing your social security account.  And for people needing disability, it is the beginning of the process to apply for social security disability benefits.

What Is The Social Security Disability Login?

The social security disability login page is where you can sign in to your “my social security” account.  After setting up an account, you can manage things like a change of address, or you could request a new social security card.  What’s important to our audience is that from this account, you can apply for social security disability benefits.  But, as we’ve discussed before, you may want to get a social security disability lawyer to do that for you.

What’s Wrong With Applying For Social Security Disability Benefits Myself?

We can agree that applying for benefits using the social security disability login page is a good idea.  That method is much better than using the phone call process to apply. But filing yourself?  It’s just not the best way to maximize your odds of getting approved in a shorter period of time.  Statistics show that people who hire a social security disability lawyer have a better chance of being awarded benefits than those who don’t.  There are several reasons why.

A top social security disability attorney will be familiar with how the answers on the SSD application affect the outcome.  Unless you have some experience in the system, you probably don’t know the words that catch a disability reviewer’s attention.  You probably won’t know what specific evidence you could file with your application to get an automatic approval.  You may not of ever heard of the sequential evaluation process. But a good social security disability lawyer will know.

What If You Apply For Social Security Disability And Get Denied?

The SSA only approves about 15% of all people who apply for social security disability benefits.  That shows you that you might have a lot to gain by avoiding the social security disability login page and hiring a lawyer.  Because so many cases get denied up front, you have to make sure that you meet all of the deadlines necessary to protect your claim.  An appeal called a Request For Reconsideration will get you a second look.  However, this doesn’t change the outcome too often, though it does happen.  Most people’s application will be denied. It’s not until your case gets in front of a judge that your odds change.

If your case is going to be heard by a judge, it is very important to get a social security disability lawyer as fast as possible.  A lawyer will focus on the evidence that needs to be collected.  We may need to request a new opinion from your doctor about your diagnosis.  It could be that we need to get the doctor to give an explanation about how your physical or mental impairments are affecting your ability to work.  The proper preparations need to be made to cross-examine the vocational expert that the judge will use on your case. Regardless, it is important to get all of the evidence we can to prove your eligibility for benefits.  That’s hard to do if you don’t know what to ask for.

To Click Or Not To Click

Use the social security login page after you get benefits to manage your direct deposit or a change of address.  Get a professional with lots of experience to help you file the application.  There’s just too much at stake to do it yourself.