Social security disability is a Federal program administered by our national government in Washington, D.C.  Because it is a national program, any licensed attorney can appear in any SSA field office for a disability hearing.  The social security disability attorneys at MLF Legal handle these cases nationwide.

It’s important to be comfortable with any lawyer you hire.  After all, they are your voice in a supremely important matter.  Some people think they have to hire a local lawyer for a disability appeal.  While that may be true with some areas of the law (like criminal defense), that’s not the case with social security disability.  Most of your interaction with the SSA is over the phone.  And in today’s world, the hearings are being done by judges appearing by video from all over the country.  So, it’s not about who you know, it’s about how good you are.

How To Use A Nationwide Social Security Disability Attorney

At MLF Legal, our social security disability attorneys understand that communication is important.  That’s especially true when dealing with long distance clients.  Our attorneys and staff are able to provide a free consultation by phone or video. We can exchange documents by email and fax.  We can even set things up for you to sign with a finger on your phone.

When dealing with the SSA, all attorneys have to upload documents to their digital system.  We can file any paperwork we need to file online.  For hearings, we can appear live and on location.  Right now, the SSA is handling all hearings by video anyway.  Our staff and our social security disability attorneys are always available to talk to you and discuss your case.  While we may not have an office in your town, we are a click away.

Why Use MLF Legal

The social security disability attorneys at our firm have a proven record.  The managing attorney over our disability department, Janet Booker, has a 24 year history of winning disability benefits.  Our staff understands that time is of the essence.  That it’s hard to live when you can’t work.  Odds are, your case will end up in front of a judge.  Most do. You want a lawyer fighting on your side.  Proving disability is a complex thing.  Don’t leave it to chance.

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