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Legal Rights for Workers Compensation

Our workers’ compensation attorneys in Dallas and Fort Worth are necessary if you are facing claim denials in your work injury case.  Insurance companies deny claims, or parts of claims, all the time.  Ever since Texas adopted laws that favor the insurance companies more than injured workers, a denial of workers’ comp benefits has become more common.  Injured workers in Dallas and Fort Worth (and even Denton) are faced with the necessity of having to litigate their workers’ comp cases.  This is by design.  The more effort you have to exert to collect your benefits, the more likely you are to just go away and forget about your claim.   It takes someone knowledgeable about Texas workers’ compensation law to get your benefits paid.

Hiring Workers’ Compensation Attorneys In Dallas And Fort Worth

The Texas workers’ compensation system is very complex and full of pitfalls that can cost you everything.   MLF Legal’s workers’ compensation attorneys in Dallas and Fort Worth want you to have every possible chance at beating the politically powerful insurance companies.  That’s why we wrote a book that is FREE for every injured worker – The Ultimate Survival Guide For Texas Injured Workers:  Everything You Need To Know To Beat Insurance Companies At Their Games.  Get your copy right now!

There are deadlines in a Texas workers’ compensation case that can cost you all of your benefits if you miss them.  That is one reason why hiring a workers’ compensation attorney in Dallas or Fort Worth is important.  The other reason is that the insurance companies are going to send their lawyers to protect their interests and beat you out of your benefits.  Get the right attorneys to help you beat these high-priced guns for hire.  You need MLF Legal on your side – call us right now for assistance at 214-357-1782.  It costs you nothing out of pocket to let us review your case and discuss your options.

Workers’ Compensation Litigation

The lawyers at MLF Legal litigate workers’ comp cases every day.  We have six workers’ comp attorneys in Dallas and Fort Worth dedicated to fighting insurance companies on behalf of injured workers.  These attorneys attend Benefit Review Conferences and Contested Case Hearings regularly.

Benefit Review Conference

A Benefit Review Conference (BRC) is the first step in workers’ comp litigation.  It is a meeting between the injured worker and the insurance company to figure out whether or not a claim dispute can be resolved without appearing in front of a judge.  This is an important meeting.  The exact phrasing of the dispute is established and a negotiation takes place.  If the matter can be resolved, a written document is created to memorialize an agreement.  Most of the time, the disputed issue is scheduled for a Contested Case Hearing.  If that happens, the phrasing of the issue in dispute and the identification of any and all attacks and defenses you can make are critical.  Anything left out at that time cannot be raised later in front of the judge.  A simple error at the BRC can cost you all of your benefits.   

Workers’ Compensation Attorneys In Dallas And Fort Worth

At MLF Legal, our workers’ compensation attorneys in Dallas and Fort Worth fight these claims every day.  It is a core practice of our firm, at the heart of what we do.  We have to stand up for injured workers in North Texas because nobody else will.  So many lawyers advertise that they handle workers’ compensation claims…but they don’t.  They just want the cases that are related to the workers’ comp claim like the car wreck case you may have if you were involved in an auto accident on the job.  MLF Legal handles all of these cases, including the workers’ compensation case.  We actually help injured workers get medical treatment and income benefits after a work injury.

Our firm offers affordable legal representation for injured workers in Texas.  When you hire our firm, we won’t get paid unless YOU get paid.  Our firm can handle any dispute arising out of your workers’ comp case including:

Course & Scope of Employment

Denied Claims


Bona Fide Offers of Employment

Extent of Injury

Medical Treatment

Impairment Rating Disputes

Lost Wages

Temporary Income Benefits

Impairment Income Benefits

Lifetime Income Benefits

Death Income Benefits

Ninety Day Rule

Gross Negligence

Car Wrecks

Wrongful Termination / Retaliatory Discharge

Social Security Disability

Benefit Review Conferences

Contested Case Hearings

Texas workers' compensation case

Contested Case Hearing

The Contested Case Hearing (CCH) takes place after the BRC.  This is a trial to determine the outcome of the insurance company’s dispute.  A judge will preside over the hearing.  It will be similar to the trials you see on TV.  Evidence is presented to the judge and witnesses testify.  After all of the evidence is presented, the lawyers will make their closing arguments.  The judge will have ten (10) days from that point to write a formal decision and file it with the Director of Hearings.  Once it is reviewed there, the decision is mailed out to all parties.

These hearings require thought and strategy.  The insurance company lawyers do these cases every day.  They are used to beating up on unrepresented injured workers.  Don’t be an unrepresented injured worker.

Should I Use The Free Ombudsman That The Division of Workers’ Compensation Provides?

No.  You get what you pay for.

An ombudsman can assist you for free, but they can’t “represent” you.  They are not lawyers.  An ombudsman is not allowed to give legal advice.  In fact, they don’t even have to know anything about workers’ compensation claims to get hired.  They just have to be a licensed insurance adjuster.  What’s worse, you have to use the one that gets assigned to you without any say in the matter.

When you hire a lawyer, you can shop around and hire the one that feels right to you.  A workers’ compensation lawyer in Dallas or Fort Worth would have a legal duty to advise you and represent you, and to put your interests above all others.

At the end of our book – that you can download for free – there is a testimonial from an ombudsman that got injured at work.  That ombudsman hired MLF Legal for representation rather than use another ombudsman to handle her claim. 

Who Manages MLF Legal?

MLF Legal was created when the two most prominent workers’ compensation lawyers in Dallas and Fort Worth merged their firms together to create the pre-eminent workers’ comp law firm in North Texas.  Daniel Morris and Matt Lewis both have over 20 years of experience handling workers’ comp cases in Dallas and Fort Worth.  Click on their names to check out their bios.

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