Social Security Disability Login Page

social security disability login

The social security disability login page gets a lot of traffic.  In fact, the login page is one of the most searched-for pages on google related to social security disability.  It is the gateway to managing your social security account.  And for people needing disability, it is the beginning of the process to apply for […]

How Long Do I Have To Be Off Work To Get Social Security Disability Benefits?

social security disability benefits

Social security disability benefits are designed for people who can’t work anymore because of a severe physical or mental health condition.  When the legislature adopted the disability laws, they had to decide how long somebody would need to be unable to work in order to qualify for benefits.  They settled on a one year requirement […]

How Age Affects Social Security Disability Benefits

age affects social security disability eligibility

Did you know that your age affects social security disability benefits as much or more than any other factor?  A lot of people think that you have to be 65 years old to get social security disability, but those folks are confusing disability with retirement.  The fact is, you can get social security disability at […]


How do you qualify for Social Security Disability?  To be eligible for Social Security Disability, you must have sufficient employment in the United States, have a medical condition that meets Social Security’s definition of disability and be disabled for at least one year. You can complete an application online, through telephone assistance or at a […]

How Do I Apply For Social Security Disability Benefits?

apply for social security disability benefits

There are two common ways to apply for social security disability benefits.  The first is by filling out an application for social security disability benefits online at  The second is by calling the Social Security Administration and making an appointment to apply over the phone.  We generally recommend that you use the online application […]

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