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MLF LEGAL PLLC has one simple mission: to give you fast and helpful legal advice along with the best possible Settlement or Award in your Texas injury case.

You will receive a level of service and experience few law offices can match. The average experience of our senior legal staff is over 20 years in personal injury law!

Worried about how to pay for medical care, how much your injury claim is worth, how to recover lost pay, or just want to know if you have a good case? Give us a call today!

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Texas Workers’ Compensation Injuries

If you are injured at work in the state of Texas, how will you be taken care of?  Your employer may carry workers’ compensation insurance, or they may be a non-subscriber to the workers’ compensation system.  Deciding how the claim will be handled is like a...

What Causes an 18 Wheeler Accident?

With so many trucks out on our highways, you need to understand what are some of the primary causes of serious accidents caused by truck drivers. Driver Fatigue: The first 18 wheeler claim that I handled involved a truck driver that fell asleep hauling a full load on...

What Is a closed period of disability?

Our firm represents hard working people who get hurt or develop a disease that affects their ability to keep working.  These are usually proud people who have earned their way in life, and want to get back to work.  Sometimes their injuries and illnesses...

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