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Have you been injured as the result of another person’s negligence? There are many attorneys out there that advertise representation for injury claims.
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Our firm offers affordable legal representation for injured workers in Texas. When you hire our firm, we won’t get paid unless YOU get paid.
It doesn’t matter why you are unable to work or how you became disabled – car wreck, work injury, disease, or illness – but there are eligibility criteria to obtain these benefits.
When we review your DWI case, there are certain areas where the state makes errors which could assist in your defense or even persuade the state to drop the charges against you. We look at things
You need a law firm that will thoroughly review the facts of your case and hold the government to their legal burden. We will aggressively defend your legal rights and keep you informed as to your options during the proceedings.
If you are contemplating divorce, or if you think your spouse is seeking a divorce, then it is time to ask for a free consultation with a divorce lawyer at MLF Legal. Divorce takes planning.
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MLF LEGAL PLLC has one simple mission: to give strategic and effective legal advice that leads to the best possible settlement or award in your case.

You will receive a level of service and experience few law offices can match. The average experience of our senior legal staff is over 80 years in personal injury law!

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If you are injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, you may have a claim against them for damages.

Most personal injury attorneys will not charge you anything up front. Most cases are handled on a contingency basis. Once the claim is resolved, the attorney will receive a percentage of the judgment or settlement. This percentage will usually run from 33% up to 50% depending upon the type of claim and where in the process it resolves.

Every case is different. Two people that have the same accident are likely to have very different damages and will recover differently. Defendant’s have different types and levels of insurance. There are infinite factors that affect the value of each claim. Your attorney will help you to get the greatest value possible for your claim.

All cases are different. Most claims are not even negotiated until you are released from medical treatment. This will give your attorney the amount of your medical bills along with estimated future medical expenses. A demand is then sent to the defendant’s insurance company. If the parties are unable reach a settlement regarding the demand, it will likely require filing a claim with the courts.

In Texas, the injured worker has the right to choose the doctor. If the employer has not joined a network for medical treatment, the injured worker can choose any doctor willing to treat them. If the employer HAS joined a network, then the injured employee must choose a doctor off of the list of approved doctors provided by the insurance company.

In most cases, you cannot sue your employer. The purpose of workers’ compensation insurance is to provide both a solution for workplace injuries and to limit an employer’s exposure to lawsuits. However, if another company or outside person was negligently responsible for the accident, you may be able to sue that third party. Check out our blog on this question for more information.

In Texas, there are no settlements after a workplace injury. In most cases, a worker’s monetary recovery is limited to lost wages, permanent impairment, and sometimes a supplemental income benefit to bridge the gap and help people return to work after a serious injury. There could be a settlement if someone other than the employer was the cause of the accident and injury.

If your spouse dies as a result of a workplace accident, then you may be eligible for death benefits. Death benefits are often a lifetime benefit for a spouse. Any surviving children may be eligible for benefits as well.

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Missy Schuchman​
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value I met with Crystal R. And she was very helpful and genuinely concerned with helping us get what we needed. She is awesome. I'm very thankful I came to this firm. Thank you so much.
Jeanette Romo
I was so pleased with the phone consultation and easy sign up process.Thanks for helping with my worker’s comp claim.
Jerry Kirkwood
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness
They have answered all of my questions and concerns. Respectful and Courteous.
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