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MLF LEGAL PLLC has one simple mission: to give strategic and effective legal advice that leads to the best possible settlement or award in your case.

You will receive a level of service and experience few law offices can match. The average experience of our senior legal staff is over 20 years in personal injury law!

Worried about how to pay for medical care, how much your injury claim is worth, how to recover lost pay, or just want to know if you have a good case? Give us a call today!

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Personal Injury Law

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Introduction To Extent Of Injury Disputes

We want injured workers to know how to beat insurance companies at the games they play.  One of the more common games they play is disputing your extent of injury.  Most of the time, the insurance company will accept liability for a very minor injury like a...

How Long Does An Auto Accident Lawsuit Take?

How long does an auto accident lawsuit take?  Let’s take a look.  You’ve been in an auto accident.  You were released from medical treatment.  Your personal injury lawyers sent a demand packet to the defendant’s insurance company and negotiated...

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