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MLF LEGAL PLLC has one simple mission: to give strategic and effective legal advice that leads to the best possible settlement or award in your case.

You will receive a level of service and experience few law offices can match. The average experience of our senior legal staff is over 20 years in personal injury law!

Worried about how to pay for medical care, how much your injury claim is worth, how to recover lost pay, or just want to know if you have a good case? Give us a call today!

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Auto Accident Without Insurance

Were you in an auto accident without insurance?  Did another driver cause the auto accident without insurance?  If you answer yes to either of the above questions, you need to understand your legal rights. Texas Insurance Requirements Texas requires that drivers carry...

Workplace Injury At A Franchise

Hard working employees get hurt all the time.  Sometimes, those injuries happen when an employee of one company is on the premises of another company.  What if those two companies appear to be the same?  What if you work for a national corporation like...

Dallas Truck Accident Attorney

A Dallas truck accident attorney is a different creature. They go beyond the attorney practicing in the personal injury field.  The laws are the same as normal auto accidents. The claims are handled very differently. If you have been involved in an accident with...

Is Graffiti Illegal In Texas?

Is Graffiti Illegal In Texas?

Is Graffiti illegal in Texas?  I’m going to give you a normal attorney answer.  It depends.  Some graffiti is legal and some is illegal.  When we see it, most of us classify graffiti as any type street art. When you go around the DFW area you can...

Social Security Office

Anybody planning to go to a social security office about obtaining disability benefits needs to have an attorney.  Whether you are filing an initial application for benefits or pursuing an appeal of a denial of benefits, a lawyer can significantly increase your odds...

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