Social Security Disability Hearing During Covid

social security disability hearing during covid

Despite an ongoing national pandemic, the SSA has maintained its ability to conduct a social security disability hearing during covid.  Because the agency was already conducting some hearings by phone, the SSA was able to implement that protocol across the board.  While it’s a good thing that hearings continue to happen, a social security disability […]

SS Disability Benefits If You Can’t Work

SS disability benefits

If you are not able to work, then you may be eligible for Social Security (SS) disability benefits or supplemental security income benefits.  You may have heard these benefits called SSDI or SSI.  SS disability benefits are available to people who can’t work for any reason – injuries, diseases, physical limitations, psychological issues – they […]

What Social Security Disability Lawyers Do For You

social security disability lawyers

Social security disability lawyers are one of the most cost-effective types of lawyers that exist.  These lawyers do all of the work for you and only earn a fee of 25% of your back pay award, or $6,000.00, whichever is LESS!  You can hire one without paying anything up front and out of pocket.  The […]

Social Security Disability Login Page

social security disability login

The social security disability login page gets a lot of traffic.  In fact, the login page is one of the most searched-for pages on google related to social security disability.  It is the gateway to managing your social security account.  And for people needing disability, it is the beginning of the process to apply for […]

When To Call A Social Security Disability Lawyer

call a social security disability lawyer

People don’t want to talk to lawyers.  I get that.  Lawyers bring to mind conflict, expense, paperwork and appointments.  But, sometimes lawyers allow for a speedy process, problem solving, resolution, benefit payments and progress.  Especially in the hard times, a lawyer can be of great benefit.  If you are unable to work and seeking social […]

Check The Status Of Your Social Security Disability Claim

check the status of your social security disability claim

When you file an application for social security disability, it’s normal to feel a little anxious.  The process takes so long that you may get worried that something has gone wrong, or that they didn’t even get it.   The reality is that you might be right!  That’s why it is important to check the status of […]

Social Security Office

social security office

Anybody planning to go to a social security office about obtaining disability benefits needs to have an attorney.  Whether you are filing an initial application for benefits or pursuing an appeal of a denial of benefits, a lawyer can significantly increase your odds of getting a favorable decision.  The cost of an attorney for a […]

Turn Your Workman’s Comp Case Into Social Security Disability Benefits

turn your workman's comp case into social security disability benefits

We handle a lot of workers’ compensation cases at our law firm in Texas.  Insurance companies have turned workers’ comp into a game where they try to deny all liability for anything other than a bruise or a sprain.  So, it has become increasingly hard for injured workers to sustain their benefits in the workers […]

CRPS And Social Security Disability

CRPS and social security disability

CRPS is the short way to say chronic regional pain syndrome.  A nervous system disorder is the usual cause of this type of pain. An injury event, stroke or heart attack can trigger the nervous system issues. Usually, CRPS affects an extremity and is characterized by an intense pain.  This pain often exceeds what you […]

Alleged Onset Date In Disability Applications

The alleged onset date (AOD) in a social security disability application is the date that you claim you became disabled.  If your severe impairments were the result of a car wreck or a work injury, then you might pick the date of the accident as your AOD.  When your disability results from a disease or […]

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