The social security disability hearing is where everything flips in your favor.  Through the application process and the request for reconsideration, statistics indicate that you will likely be denied.  However, at the hearing level, statistics show a much better chance of winning an approval of benefits.

Testifying At The Social Security Disability Hearing

At the social security disability hearing, you get to talk to the judge.  You want to  explain how your physical and mental conditions affect your everyday life.  It is important to tell the judge how your functional disabilities limit your ability to work.  This is done through your testimony.  The judge and your lawyer will take turns asking you questions that will allow you to tell your story.  How you answer the questions is the most important part of the hearing.

Prepare your mind for this day.  Remember not to exaggerate your symptoms.  Be honest when you answer questions.  Read your medical records and know what’s there.  In addition to your medical issues, expect the judge to ask you about things you do, where you go, and how you take care of your family.  These questions are tricky.  For instance, if you babysit your grandkids, that is evidence of an ability to work. Depending on your age, that might not matter at all.

The social security disability hearing is a legal hearing.  There is a real judge.  You have a lot at stake.  And you have the right to have a social security disability attorney there with you.

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