MLF Legal Criminal Lawyers:


State & Federal Criminal Cases – Misdemeanor or Felony

If you have been arrested or charged with a misdemeanor or a serious felony, time is of the essence.  Your freedom and reputation are at stake.  At MLF Legal, we understand that it is extremely stressful to be accused of a criminal act and to be looking at possible prison time, jail or a conviction on your record.  In these times, you need a good criminal lawyer in Dallas or Fort Worth to defend you.

You need a law firm that will thoroughly review the facts of your case and hold the government to their legal burden.  We will aggressively defend your legal rights and keep you informed as to your options during the proceedings.  As a criminal lawyer in Dallas and Forth Worth, we want to help people who have been wrongfully accused to escape the criminal justice system.  We want to help people who have made a mistake to minimize the consequences as best as possible.  

An MLF Legal Criminal Lawyer In Dallas or Fort Worth Will Handle:

At MLF Legal we handle a variety of misdemeanors and felonies, including but not limited to:
  • DWI (driving while intoxicated)
  • Public Intoxication
  • Solicitation
  • Possession of an illegal substance
  • Intent to Distribute
  • Assault
  • Domestic Violence
  • Identity theft
  • Probation Revocation
  • Organized Crime
  • Burglary
  • Theft
  • Embezzlement
  • How To Challenge The Charge:

    Our efforts as a criminal lawyer in Dallas and Forth Worth have yielded some great results for our clients.  Most notably, we have worked diligently to get our client’s charges dismissed if at all possible.

    Recent Notable Cases:

    W.R. Charged with Felony Theft              Result: Dismissed at trial

    M.W. Charged Online Impersonation      Result: Charges Dismissed

    B.L.  Assault causes Bodily Injury            Result: Charges Dismissed

    C.Y.  Assault F/V causes Bodily Injury     Result: Charges Dismissed

    B.B.  Violation of a Protective Order        Result: Charges Dismissed

    D.P. Manufacturing/Deliver C/S                Result: Grand Jury No Billed

    D.P. Possession of Marijuana                   Result: Charges Dismissed

    • Charged 1st Degree Felony                       Result: Charges Dismissed
    1. Charged 1st Degree Felony                       Result: Charges Dismissed

    V.G.  Charged 1st Degree Felony              Result: Charges Dismissed

    C.D. Charged 1st Degree Felony               Result: Grand Jury No Billed 

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