Who Keeps The Family Pet In A Texas Divorce?

Fur Baby

Who keeps the family pet in Texas Divorce?  In Texas we love our pets.  They are part of our families.  They love us regardless of our imperfections.  In stressful or disturbing times, there are few things as relaxing as petting our family fur babies. Our lives change when we go through a divorce.  Texas has […]

Dallas Standing Order

Dallas Divorce or Suit Affecting Parent-child relationship

The Dallas Standing Order is in place during divorce proceedings and suits affecting the parent-child relationship

Temporary Restraining Order

Divorce proceedings

A Temporary Restraining Order or TRO will prevent your spouse from doing certain things during a divorce proceeding.

Protective Order

Protective order to prevent family violence

In Texas a protective order is used to protect you or your children from violence, sexual abuse or stocking.  The order prevents the person from threatening, contacting, or even having a third party contact you on their behalf. How To Get A Protective Order Meet with your family law attorney right away.  They will help […]

Is My Husband Cheating?

Signs that your husband may be cheating

Have you ever had to ask the following question “is my husband cheating on me?” If you have, what did you do about it?  The day of your marriage should be one of the happiest days of your life.  You are surrounded by your family and close friends.  The man you plan on spending the […]

Child Protective Services In Texas

Child abuse or neglect in Texas

Child Protective Services is part of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.  They investigate claims of child abuse or neglect.  If you are contacted by Child Protective Services, you need to know how to handle the situation. Child Protective Services Investigation Texas law requires that you report any belief of abuse or neglect […]

Texas Family Lawyer

Texas divorce lawyer

A Texas family lawyer helps with legal issues affecting your family.  The first thing that most of us think of is divorce.  But, custody and the financial support of your child are close behind. The Texas family Code is complicated.  Your Texas family lawyer uses the Code to protect your standing with your family, your […]

Interfering With An Emergency Call

Texas crime. Interference with emergency request.

Interfering with an emergency call in Texas is a crime.  If someone is attempting to call the police or other emergency, do not interfere. For example, you get in a fight with your wife or girlfriend.  The argument spins out of control.  Your emotions get the better of you.  The fight gets physical.  In her […]

Texas Termination of Parental Rights

Abandoned child

In Texas termination of parental rights means the parent loses the rights and duties of a parent.  There are many reasons that the court may terminate parental rights.  The following are some of the ways a parent may lose their rights and duties of parenthood.  We have classed them in two categories, abandonment and endangerment. […]

Suit Affecting Parent-Child Relationship

Texas divorce attorney

A suit affecting parent-child relationship is commonly referred to as a SAPCR.  SAPCR is any case filed with the court which could affect visitation, child custody, child support, or an issue which will impact the interests of your child. A divorce proceeding will automatically include a SAPCR.  You may bring a suit affecting parent-child relationship […]

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