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A Texas family lawyer helps with legal issues affecting your family.  The first thing that most of us think of is divorce.  But, custody and the financial support of your child are close behind.

The Texas family Code is complicated.  Your Texas family lawyer uses the Code to protect your standing with your family, your assets, and even where you may be allowed to live. 

Texas Family Lawyer In A Divorce

Meet with a Texas family lawyer as soon as you know that you are getting a divorce.  Your lawyer will help you to understand that all your actions can affect the case.  They will give you advice on things that yo u should continue to do.  Your lawyer will also advise you on things that you should not do during your divorce.

Texas Family Lawyer After Divorce Is Final

You may need your family lawyer even after your divorce has become final.  If you have a child with your ex, disputes can arise regarding your child.  If you cannot resolve the disputes between you, get your attorney involved.

In today’s society, people regularly change jobs, get promotions, and start new businesses.  This may change a person’s income.  Child support is paid as a percentage of the payor’s income.  If you are receiving or paying child support you can request that the monthly child support be updated to reflect the change in income.


Love is a wonderful thing.  We fall in love and get married.  Unfortunately, sometimes that love fades.  When it does, it can lead to divorce. 

Divorce is painful.  You know what triggers your ex’s emotions.  They know what triggers yours.  When you get your Texas family lawyer to handle the negotiations, it helps to avoid some of the emotions.  This allows the healing to start sooner, and for both of you to move on in your lives.