A suit affecting parent-child relationship is commonly referred to as a SAPCR.  SAPCR is any case filed with the court which could affect visitation, child custody, child support, or an issue which will impact the interests of your child.

A divorce proceeding will automatically include a SAPCR.  You may bring a suit affecting parent-child relationship on its own. Do this when there is a strong reason to adjust visitation or the payment of child support.

If you are involved in a suit affect parent-child relationship make sure that you consult with your Dallas Fort Worth family law attorney.  The results of this suit can affect any child support received or paid, the time that you can spend with your child, or it could even change your status as a parent.

Who May File

Either of the biological parents may file a suit affecting parent-child relationship.  But it is not limited to the parents.  The following parties may also file a SAPCR:

Legal Standard

When the court looks at a suit affecting parent-child relationship they have a set standard to make the ruling.  The best interest of the child shall always be the primary consideration of the court in determining the issues of conservatorship and possession of and access to the child.  This will include what the child wants, the safety of the child, and the needs of the child.


As a parent you have the responsibility to care for your child.  his includes resources and time to best care for your child.  If the other parent is not living up to their responsibilities, it is time to seek legal help.