Interfering with an emergency call in Texas is a crime.  If someone is attempting to call the police or other emergency, do not interfere.

For example, you get in a fight with your wife or girlfriend.  The argument spins out of control.  Your emotions get the better of you.  The fight gets physical.  In her anger, she attempts to call 911 on you.  You slap the phone out of her hand to prevent her from calling. 

You just made a bad matter worse.

The above example happens in Texas every day.  The Texas Statute calls it interference with emergency request for assistance.  The first conviction of interfering with an emergency call is a Class A Misdemeanor.  If there is a prior conviction, you can be charged with a State Jail Felony.

Burden To Prove Interfering With An Emergency Call

If the State has charged you with interfering with an emergency call, they must prove the case against you.  They must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you knowingly prevented another from making an emergency call.  Or, that you recklessly rendered their phone unable to make the emergency call.

The State must also prove the you were actually interfered.  It is not interference if the call was for a non-emergency situation.  Or, that the person only threatened to call.  Finally, your actions must have occurred to prevent the call.


Interfering with an emergency call has serious consequences.  Not only are there criminal repercussions, it can affect divorce or custody law suits.  Make sure that your get your Texas criminal defense attorney involved in the case as quickly as possible.

If you are found guilty of domestic violence and interfering with an emergency call, it may affect other claims.  In a divorce, you cut end up with a smaller percentage of your community assets.  You could be required to pay spousal maintenance.  You may also hurt your ability to have custody of your child.

Don’t go down this path without adequate legal representation.