Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Defense Lawyer

What does a criminal defense attorney do?  Our job is to protect the legal rights of people have been charged with a crime.  In the United States, crimes and punishment are determined by our justice system.  Some people ask how attorneys can represent people who are clearly guilty?  The guilty need representation the most.  We […]

Interfering With An Emergency Call

Texas crime. Interference with emergency request.

Interfering with an emergency call in Texas is a crime.  If someone is attempting to call the police or other emergency, do not interfere. For example, you get in a fight with your wife or girlfriend.  The argument spins out of control.  Your emotions get the better of you.  The fight gets physical.  In her […]

Do I Have To Show ID To Police In Texas?

Show ID to police

Do you have to show ID to police in Texas?  We all see the Utube videos of people interacting with police, free travelers, or even people who are getting arrested.  They always refuse to provide identification.  So, when can you refuse to show ID and not be charged a crime for it? Driving A Vehicle […]

What Is SR-22 Insurance

certificate of financial responsibility

What is SR-22 insurance. The State of Texas may require you to obtain a certificate of financial responsibility. This is a SR 22 form.

What Can I Do To Clean A Record Of DWI Conviction?

Driving While Intoxicated

How do you clean a record of a DWI conviction?  No one wants a criminal record.  Unfortunately, people get convicted of driving while intoxicated (DWI) in Texas courts all the time.  Arrests and convictions in Texas are typically public record.  Do you belong to this group of people? It can affect your ability to get […]

Expunctions After Dismissal or No-Bill

Expunctions After Dismissals or No-Bills

Expunctions After Dismissals or No-Bills are in place if you have been wrongfully accused or were charged with a crime as a result of mistaken identity.

Is Marijuana Legal In Texas?

Is Marijuana Legal In Texas?

Is Marijuana Legal In Texas? Marijuana is only legal for medical purposes in very limited situations. Penalties for marijuana charges

Texas Felony Penalties

Felony charges in Texas

Texas Felony Penalties. If you are charged with a felony in Texas, what are the possible outcomes.