How do you clean a record of a DWI conviction?  No one wants a criminal record.  Unfortunately, people get convicted of driving while intoxicated (DWI) in Texas courts all the time.  Arrests and convictions in Texas are typically public record. 

Do you belong to this group of people? It can affect your ability to get employment, rent a house, apartment and could even affect your credit rating.

So, what can you do to prevent these problems?  In 2017, Texas created provisions to allow certain first time DWI offenses to be eligible for nondisclosure orders.

Qualify To Clean A DWI Conviction

To qualify for a nondisclosure order, you must:

If you meet all the above requirements, your DWI attorney will send notice to the state.  Your attorney requests a hearing.  The State may put on evidence to stop the order of non-disclosure.  The court will issue the order. The court will use the best interest of justice to make the decision. 

The order of non-disclosure prohibits criminal justice agencies from disclosing to the public criminal history record information related to the offense for which you were convicted. 


If you believe that you qualify for to clean a record of DWI conviction, contact the law firm to go over your case information.  If you qualify, non-governmental entities will not be able to see that you were ever convicted of a DWI.