An Order for nondisclosure in Texas helps you move on with life. It is used to prevent third parties from discovering your criminal history.  Many of us make mistakes in our youth that could severely limit our ability to get ahead in today’s society.

In life, you will need a security clearance, apply for a new job, or make a large purchase. They will run a back ground check.  A criminal history could limit your ability in any of the above situations. 

There is a procedure to prevent others from discovering your criminal history.  It is called a nondisclosure in Texas.

Nondisclosure in Texas

An order for nondisclosure prohibits public entities from disclosing your criminal history. These entities are like the police and court system  If you have a order for nondisclosure, you can state that you do not have a criminal record.

An order for nondisclosure in Texas is specific to a particular criminal offense.  To get a nondisclosure on multiple offenses, you would need to petition an order of nondisclosure for each of them.

To Qualify For An Order Of Nondisclosure

You must not have continued criminal activity. The exception to this is a traffic ticket.

Provide a copy of the judgment against you and the probation or deferred period paperwork.   The process will depend upon how your case was handled.  Your criminal law attorney will help you to go through this process.

Crimes Restricted From Nondisclosure in Texas

list of restricted offenses:


If you believe that you qualify for an order of nondisclosure in Texas, contact your criminal lawyer.  They will go over your history and help you to decide how best to proceed.