If you are not able to work, then you may be eligible for Social Security (SS) disability benefits or supplemental security income benefits.  You may have heard these benefits called SSDI or SSI.  SS disability benefits are available to people who can’t work for any reason – injuries, diseases, physical limitations, psychological issues – they all qualify.  It doesn’t matter if you were injured in an accident or were born with a problem that causes physical limitations, if you can’t work, then you may qualify.

SS Disabiity Benefits Generally

A typical SS disability benefits client is less than 65 years old.  They have worked in the past, but can no longer perform the type of work they used to do.  This could be because of a severe physical or mental condition.  That’s the basics for being eligible to receive SS disability benefits.

Of course, the Social Security Administration denies most people’s claims when they file an application.  Most people have to appeal their initial social security decision. In our opinion, hiring a lawyer to overcome a denial of benefits ensures that you get professional services, that you don’t have to worry about all of the difficult paperwork involved, and that everything gets done right and turned in on time.  Not to mention, you’ll want a social security disability lawyer by your side when your case comes up before the judge.

SSI Benefits

Supplemental Security Income Benefits are SS disability benefits designed for people who don’t meet the criteria for regular disability benefits.  You still have to expect to be off work for at least a year.  However, if you haven’t generated enough work credits to qualify for regular SS disability benefits (SSDI), then you might still qualify for SSI.  For these SS disability benefits, you have to have less than $2,000 in assets (not counting your house and one car).  It also pays less than SSDI.  But, it is still income when you need it most.

SS Disability Benefits Lawyers

At MLF Legal, our social security disability lawyers have a long history of helping people who can’t go to work.  We understand the difficulties you face.  We understand the doctors and how they work.  Our lawyers are very familiar with government paperwork. We know it’s designed to deny you the benefits you are entitled to receive.  Most importantly, we know how to get SS disability benefits for you.  And, we won’t charge you anything unless we win.

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