Texas Workers' Compensation Law
Texas workers’ compensation law is derived from statutes written by the state legislature.

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What Is Texas Workers’ Compensation Law?

Workers’ compensation in Texas is different than in any other state.  It is a convoluted process that very few people understand.  Texas workers’ compensation law is controlled by political agendas.  It changes constantly, sometimes daily.  So, we have developed this page to keep up with the changes.

Texas workers’ compensation law comes from three sources:

When analyzing the law related to workers’ compensation in Texas, it is important to note that the statute controls above all else. The Division’s rules are supposed to implement the statute. Judges interpret the statute and the rules and tell us what it all means. The legislature is free to change the statute as it sees fit. The Division can write new rules at any time. Judges write opinions about Texas workers’ compensation law every day. For those of us who participate in the Texas workers’ compensation system, whether by choice or by necessity, it is important to understand the law. That is the purpose of this page.

  Purpose Of This Page

On this particular page, we will provide resources for knowing and understanding workers’ compensation in Texas. You will find links to the statute, the rules and to judge’s opinions. You will be able to read summaries of decisions that the Appeals Panel has issued over the years. Some appeals court decisions will be mixed in. There may be a power point to review or a video that we recommend. You will find legal articles about workers’ comp issues written by our attorneys from presentations given to the State Bar of Texas. You can even submit a question about workers’ compensation in Texas and get a response.

This page can be whatever our audience wants it to be. Just submit a recommendation and we’ll take it under advisement.  Feel free to contact us for guest posting opportunities or to submit your legal article for publication here.

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