Is Workers’ Comp Cheating You?

If you have found this page, you have to be wondering if workers’ comp is cheating you out of your medical treatment and benefits. After all, it’s an insurance program, and everyone knows that insurance companies exist to collect premiums and minimize the cost of paying a claim. The Texas workers’ compensation system is no […]

Texas Workers’ Compensation Hearings During Covid

Texas workers' compensation hearings during covid

The onset of the covid pandemic disrupted many industries, including the workers’ comp system in Texas.  As we have modified our processes during this time, one of the major changes is the effect this has had on Texas workers’ compensation hearings during covid.  Injured workers are affected the most by these changes. How Injured Workers […]

How Does Workers’ Comp Work In Texas?

how does workers comp work in Texas

There are Federal workers’ compensation laws and state workers’ compensation laws.  Federal law governs work injuries that occur while someone is working for a Federal government agency.  State workers’ compensation laws govern work injury claims that happen while working for a business in any given state.   Every state has different workers’ compensation laws.  Texas workers’ […]

The 4 Texas Workers’ Compensation Benefits You Need To Know About

Texas workers' compensation benefits

There are many different types of Texas workers’ compensation benefits available to injured workers after filing a claim, but some are more important than others.  For instance, most people don’t need to know that a severely injured person might be able to get a wheelchair ramp installed at home because they will need it for […]

Can You Sue An Employer For Gross Negligence In Texas?

gross negligence in Texas

As Texas workers’ compensation lawyers who handle cases all over the state, we see a lot of different work injuries.  People sustain their workplace injury in many different ways.  Sometimes it is their own fault.  Very often, though, a workplace injury is the result of the employer’s negligence.  One of the most common questions we […]

Some Independent Contractors Get Workers’ Compensation Benefits In Texas

independent contractors get workers' compensation

When it comes to workers’ compensation in Texas, employers sometimes do bad things.  For purposes of our discussion today, we will focus on how employers try to make some employees think they are independent contractors in order to get out of providing workers’ compensation benefits.  The truth is that some independent contractors get workers’ compensation […]

Ninety Day Rule In Texas Workers’ Compensation Cases

ninety day rule

The ninety day rule in Texas workers’ compensation cases is one of the most dangerous rules we have in the comp system.  It almost always works against the injured worker.  So, it is not only dangerous, but designed to inflict serious harm to the most unsuspecting participant in a claim.  It’s purpose is to end […]

Top 5 Laws To Know About Workers’ Compensation In Texas

workers compensation in Texas

Employers Can Choose To Not Have Workers’ Compensation In Texas Workers’ Compensation in Texas is optional for employers.  Texas is the only state that does not require an employer to have workers’ comp insurance.  The Legislature has provided laws that protect employers that choose to buy coverage.  If an employer buys workers’ comp insurance, then […]

Workplace Injury At A Franchise

workplace injury at a franchise

Hard working employees get hurt all the time.  Sometimes, those injuries happen when an employee of one company is on the premises of another company.  What if those two companies appear to be the same?  What if you work for a national corporation like KFC and you get hurt at a local KFC location, a […]

Impairment Income Benefits In Texas

impairment income benefits

Once you reach maximum medical improvement from your Texas work injury, a doctor will perform an impairment rating exam.  If you have any permanent impairment resulting from your work injury, then you will be owed impairment income benefits.  These benefits are not a settlement of your case.  However, they are the closest thing Texas has […]