Car Wreck At Work

Liability case and workers' compensation

We just settled another car wreck at work claim.  There were a lot of moving parts.  So, I wanted to share a brief overview of how this type of claim is handled. When you are involved in a wreck while at work, you will likely have to deal with competing areas of law. They must […]

Impairment Rating In Texas Workers’ Comp Claims

impairment rating in Texas

An impairment rating in Texas, as defined by statute, means the percentage of permanent impairment of the whole body resulting from a compensable injury.  It is a measurement of the damage to your body resulting from your work injury. According to Texas workers’ compensation law, impairment is any anatomic or functional abnormality or loss existing […]

Turn Your Workman’s Comp Case Into Social Security Disability Benefits

turn your workman's comp case into social security disability benefits

We handle a lot of workers’ compensation cases at our law firm in Texas.  Insurance companies have turned workers’ comp into a game where they try to deny all liability for anything other than a bruise or a sprain.  So, it has become increasingly hard for injured workers to sustain their benefits in the workers […]

Maximum Medical Improvement In Texas Workers’ Comp Claims

maximum medical improvement in Texas

The Texas Workers’ Compensation Act defines maximum medical improvement (MMI) as the earliest date after which, based on reasonable medical probability, further material recovery from or lasting improvement to an injury can no longer reasonably be anticipated.  That sounds pretty clear, but we’ve been arguing about what that means for years.  Here’s what you need […]

Texas Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Texas workers' compensation lawyers

We are Texas workers’ compensation lawyers.  That’s how our whole firm got started in the first place.  Our founders, Daniel Morris and Matt Lewis, are well-established work injury lawyers.  Dan and Matt have both been selected as Texas SuperLawyers for their workers’ compensation practice.  Matt Lewis is board certified in workers’ compensation law by the […]

Causation Letter And Extent Of Injury

causation letter

In a previous post, we introduced the concept of extent of injury disputes.  The most important thing to know about these types of cases is that the injured worker has the burden of proof.  This means that you have the responsibility of proving what your injuries are.  Beyond that, you have to prove that the […]

Introduction To Extent Of Injury Disputes

extent of injury

We want injured workers to know how to beat insurance companies at the games they play.  One of the more common games they play is disputing your extent of injury.  Most of the time, the insurance company will accept liability for a very minor injury like a bruise, a sprain or a strain.  Then the […]

It Is Error When Impairment Ratings Reduced Because Of Pre-Existing Conditions

error when impairment ratings reduced

An impairment rating is a measurement of the permanent damage done to your body by a work injury.  It is part of a Texas workers’ compensation claim.  These impairment ratings are supposed to take into account all of the damage that you have to live with.  However, the Division and insurance companies want to limit […]

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