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Anybody planning to go to a social security office about obtaining disability benefits needs to have an attorney.  Whether you are filing an initial application for benefits or pursuing an appeal of a denial of benefits, a lawyer can significantly increase your odds of getting a favorable decision.  The cost of an attorney for a social security disability claim is one of the better values in the legal industry.

How Does A Lawyer Help You Get Social Security Disability?

The best thing a lawyer can do for you…is everything.  At our social security office, our lawyers help people understand the eligibility criteria for qualifying for social security disability.  We help applicants get the evidence necessary to prove they are entitled to benefits.  One of the best services we have is that we fill out all of the paperwork for you.  Most of the mistakes people make when filing for disability can be avoided by having an attorney who knows the system fill out the application for you.

The SSA denies most applications for social security disability benefits.  Statistics show that about 65% of all applications get denied.  This happens because people file for benefits without understanding what they have to prove and how to do it. 

How Much Does A Social Security Disability Attorney Cost?

A social security disability attorney is one of the best bargains in the legal industry.  Attorney fees are paid on a contingency.  That means that you only have to pay attorney fees if you get benefits.  Additionally, the fees are capped at 25% of the back pay you get or $6,000.00, whichever is LESS.  Whichever is less!

Our social security office is full service.  We take care of everything.  Not all law firms will do that.  We do it that way because we want you to get approved for benefits as fast as possible.  While it’s hard to get benefits at the application stage, it happens.  We hope it does – even though that means you pay less in attorney fees.  You can contact our social security office at 214-357-1782 or info@mlflegal.com.  That call is free – we won’t charge you.  Let’s see what we can do for you.