Last week we talked about what you need to do at the accident scene.  This week, we want to go over the things that you do after you leave the accident scene. The first 24 hours after an accident are extremely important.  For example, many people wait too long to get a medical examination or to report their claim and as a result, damage the value of their claim.

To Do:

So what do you need to do the day of the accident? The first thing to do is to call the number on your MLF Legal accident information form.  They will help to contact your insurance company and file a claim.  The law firm will begin setting up your claim including verifying if you are eligible for a loaner car if yours is unusable or needs to be repaired.

Next, your legal team will set up an appointment with a medical provider to perform a physical examination and document if you’ve sustained any injuries; and if so, start the required treatment. 

The medical provider will not only help to manage your recovery, but will perform for diagnostic studies, coordinate your physical therapy and send you to any specialist that you may require.  Additionally, they will work with the law firm to get you the proper value for your claim. 

Finally, your vehicle may have been towed from the accident scene.  Most towing companies charge a daily fee to keep your vehicle there.   This can become very expense.  So, we need to find it and get it to the repair shop.  If it is totaled, your attorney will see about negotiating a check for the value of your vehicle. 


The sooner you get your team working on your claim, the smoother it will run.  If you hesitate and just hope that it works out, you will see why insurance companies have become billion-dollar businesses. If you follow the steps we are providing, starting with the day of the accident, your claim will run smoother.

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