Is Workers’ Comp Cheating You?

If you have found this page, you have to be wondering if workers’ comp is cheating you out of your medical treatment and benefits. After all, it’s an insurance program, and everyone knows that insurance companies exist to collect premiums and minimize the cost of paying a claim. The Texas workers’ compensation system is no […]

Some Independent Contractors Get Workers’ Compensation Benefits In Texas

independent contractors get workers' compensation

When it comes to workers’ compensation in Texas, employers sometimes do bad things.  For purposes of our discussion today, we will focus on how employers try to make some employees think they are independent contractors in order to get out of providing workers’ compensation benefits.  The truth is that some independent contractors get workers’ compensation […]

Top 5 Laws To Know About Workers’ Compensation In Texas

workers compensation in Texas

Employers Can Choose To Not Have Workers’ Compensation In Texas Workers’ Compensation in Texas is optional for employers.  Texas is the only state that does not require an employer to have workers’ comp insurance.  The Legislature has provided laws that protect employers that choose to buy coverage.  If an employer buys workers’ comp insurance, then […]

Impairment Rating In Texas Workers’ Comp Claims

impairment rating in Texas

An impairment rating in Texas, as defined by statute, means the percentage of permanent impairment of the whole body resulting from a compensable injury.  It is a measurement of the damage to your body resulting from your work injury. According to Texas workers’ compensation law, impairment is any anatomic or functional abnormality or loss existing […]

Turn Your Workman’s Comp Case Into Social Security Disability Benefits

turn your workman's comp case into social security disability benefits

We handle a lot of workers’ compensation cases at our law firm in Texas.  Insurance companies have turned workers’ comp into a game where they try to deny all liability for anything other than a bruise or a sprain.  So, it has become increasingly hard for injured workers to sustain their benefits in the workers […]

What If My Workers’ Compensation Claim Is Denied By The Adjuster?

workers' compensation claim is denied

Injured workers call us regularly because their workers’ compensation claim is denied by the adjuster assigned to the case.  This is very common, and part of the game that insurance companies play to get out of paying benefits.  After all, if people just walk away from denied claims, then the insurance company doesn’t have to […]

How To Dispute An Impairment Rating In Texas

dispute an impairment rating

In most Texas workers’ compensation cases it becomes necessary to dispute an impairment rating.  The system is set up against injured workers right now.  This leads to premature impairment ratings that cut off your benefits before you have healed and returned to work.  In order to protect yourself and your benefits, you will have to […]

Temporary Income Benefits

temporary income benefits

Temporary Income Benefits (TIBs) are Texas workers’ compensation benefits paid to injured workers who cannot work.  These benefits are a replacement for lost wages.  When a work injury prevents you from being able to work, that is called disability in the workers’ comp system.  Even if you can work light duty, but earn less than […]

Average Weekly Wage For Most Employees In A Texas Workers’ Compensation Claim

average weekly wage

Texas workers’ compensation benefits are calculated based upon the injured workers’ average weekly wage, also known as AWW. Benefits are typically computed as a certain percentage of the injured workers’ AWW.  It is important to make sure your average weekly wage is correct in order to maximize your benefits. Small variances in AWW can add […]

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