Impairment Income Benefits In Texas

impairment income benefits

Once you reach maximum medical improvement from your Texas work injury, a doctor will perform an impairment rating exam.  If you have any permanent impairment resulting from your work injury, then you will be owed impairment income benefits.  These benefits are not a settlement of your case.  However, they are the closest thing Texas has […]

Impairment Rating In Texas Workers’ Comp Claims

impairment rating in Texas

An impairment rating in Texas, as defined by statute, means the percentage of permanent impairment of the whole body resulting from a compensable injury.  It is a measurement of the damage to your body resulting from your work injury. According to Texas workers’ compensation law, impairment is any anatomic or functional abnormality or loss existing […]

Texas Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Texas workers' compensation lawyers

We are Texas workers’ compensation lawyers.  That’s how our whole firm got started in the first place.  Our founders, Daniel Morris and Matt Lewis, are well-established work injury lawyers.  Dan and Matt have both been selected as Texas SuperLawyers for their workers’ compensation practice.  Matt Lewis is board certified in workers’ compensation law by the […]

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