We are Texas workers’ compensation lawyers.  That’s how our whole firm got started in the first place.  Our founders, Daniel Morris and Matt Lewis, are well-established work injury lawyers.  Dan and Matt have both been selected as Texas SuperLawyers for their workers’ compensation practice.  Matt Lewis is board certified in workers’ compensation law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.  Daniel Morris serves as the President of the Workers’ Compensation Section of the State Bar of Texas.  He has been inducted into the National Workers’ Compensation College.  They are both regular speakers at the State Bar’s Annual Workers’ Compensation Course.

Texas Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Providing Statewide Representation

While our firm originated in Dallas, Texas, we offer statewide representation as Texas workers’ compensation lawyers.  Need a lawyer for a work injury in the oil fields out in Midland or Odessa?  We can handle it.  Fell off a scaffold in Beaumont or Houston?  We can handle it.  Need a San Antonio workers’ compensation lawyer?  We can handle it.

One thing the Covid-19 pandemic taught us all is how to use Zoom.  We can meet with you anywhere you are via Zoom.  Documents can be reviewed and signed online.  Our attorneys and staff are just a phone call or email away.  Even the hearings at the Division of Workers’ Compensation are being held by Zoom, so we can handle your case anywhere you are.

How Do We Approach A Workers’ Compensation Case

Our approach to these cases starts with identifying the issues that need to be resolved to maximize your treatment and benefits.  The main idea is to help you get back to work and to receive benefits during those times that you can’t.  Once we know what the adjuster is doing to undermine your claim, we can plan an attack.  We seek out the evidence necessary to win the issues in dispute.  Insurance adjuster often refuse to pay the benefits they owe.  When this happens, we initiate the dispute resolution process at the Division of Workers’ Compensation.  That gets your case into a hearing. 

Texas Workers’ Compensation Hearings

The first step in the hearings process is a Benefit Review Conference.  The purpose of the BRC is to help the parties reach an agreement to resolve the issues in dispute. It’s like a mediation.  When an agreement is reached at this level, it is put in writing and preserved forever. 

If we are not able to reach an agreement on the disputed issues at the BRC, then the case proceeds to a Contested Case Hearing.  A CCH is a more formal hearing.  It is an administrative trial.  At the CCH, we present our documentary evidence and any testimony necessary to prove your case.  This is when you get to tell your story to a judge.  It’s also where you get a ruling on your case.

A Benefit Review Conference and a Contested Case Hearing are legal proceedings with real world implications.  If you are taking your case to this level of confrontation, get a Texas workers’ compensation lawyer.  Texas workers’ compensation law is tricky.  It’s full of deadlines.  There are statutes that say one thing and rules that say another.  It’s easy to lose on a technicality if you don’t know the system.  At the very least, contact us for a free consultation.

The Ultimate Survival Guide For Texas Injured Workers

As Texas workers’ compensation lawyers, we’ve seen a lot of people without a lawyer get screwed over by the system.  We can’t talk everybody into hiring us – believe me, we are trying.  So, we thought about how we could help people who don’t have a lawyer.  Was there a way to at least give them a chance against the high-powered insurance company defense lawyers?  So, we wrote a book.  A good one if I say so myself.  The best part is that we have made it available to every injured worker in Texas…for FREE!  Click on the link to get your free copy right now – no strings attached.

The Ultimate Survival Guide For Texas Injured Workers:  Everything You Need To Know To Beat Insurance Companies At Their Games   

If you get a copy, please tell us what you think about it in the comments below.  If you want a hard copy to carry around with you, email me at info@mlflegal.com and I’ll mail one to you.

the ultimate servival guide for texas injured