appeals panel decisions

Texas workers’ compensation law includes rulings obtained from Appeals Panel decisions. The Appeals Panel is a group of judges that rule on the appeals filed in a Texas workers’ compensation case. After a judge issues a ruling in a contested case hearing, the insurance company (carrier) and the injured worker (claimant) are both able to file an appeal of that decision. The Appeals Panel reviews the evidence presented at the contested case hearing, the arguments made in the appeal, and Texas workers’ compensation law in order to issue a decision on the appeal.

When the Appeals Panel issues a decision, that decision becomes part of Texas workers’ compensation law. Therefore, Appeals Panel decisions are very important. Any one who has a case before the Division of Workers’ Compensation needs to know the law that applies to their situation. Nobody wants to read all of the decisions to see what applies and what doesn’t. That’s why this page exists.

From this page, you will be able to see summaries of Appeals Panel decisions. They are sorted by the type of issues resolved in the case for ease of use. If you need to know something about impairment ratings, just click on the impairment rating subject area. You will then see what the Appeals Panel has said about that. Need to know how a judge will look at a causation letter? Just click on the causation subject area and see what the Appeals Panel has said about that.

Summaries of Appeals Panel Decisions

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