Nationwide Social Security Disability Attorneys

nationwide social security disability attorneys

Social security disability is a Federal program administered by our national government in Washington, D.C.  Because it is a national program, any licensed attorney can appear in any SSA field office for a disability hearing.  The social security disability attorneys at MLF Legal handle these cases nationwide. It’s important to be comfortable with any lawyer […]

Alleged Onset Date In Disability Applications

The alleged onset date (AOD) in a social security disability application is the date that you claim you became disabled.  If your severe impairments were the result of a car wreck or a work injury, then you might pick the date of the accident as your AOD.  When your disability results from a disease or […]

Date Last Insured In A Social Security Disability Claim

date last insured

The date last insured is one of the most overlooked components of a social security disability application.  It is the last date that you are eligible to be covered for disability.  You are usually eligible for coverage for five years after you quit working.  It could be a little earlier if you worked sporadically for […]

What Happens At A Social Security Disability Hearing?

social security disability hearing

The social security disability hearing is where everything flips in your favor.  Through the application process and the request for reconsideration, statistics indicate that you will likely be denied.  However, at the hearing level, statistics show a much better chance of winning an approval of benefits. Testifying At The Social Security Disability Hearing At the […]

Social Security Disability Denial, How To Appeal

General: After you file your application for social security disability, it will usually take 30 to 90 days for the Social Security Administration to make an initial decision.  Most claims are denied at this stage. This happens even if the medical conditions are significant and severe.  However, don’t despair. You can appeal your social security […]