Texas Workers’ Compensation Hearings During Covid

Texas workers' compensation hearings during covid

The onset of the covid pandemic disrupted many industries, including the workers’ comp system in Texas.  As we have modified our processes during this time, one of the major changes is the effect this has had on Texas workers’ compensation hearings during covid.  Injured workers are affected the most by these changes. How Injured Workers […]

Top 5 Laws To Know About Workers’ Compensation In Texas

workers compensation in Texas

Employers Can Choose To Not Have Workers’ Compensation In Texas Workers’ Compensation in Texas is optional for employers.  Texas is the only state that does not require an employer to have workers’ comp insurance.  The Legislature has provided laws that protect employers that choose to buy coverage.  If an employer buys workers’ comp insurance, then […]

Turn Your Workman’s Comp Case Into Social Security Disability Benefits

turn your workman's comp case into social security disability benefits

We handle a lot of workers’ compensation cases at our law firm in Texas.  Insurance companies have turned workers’ comp into a game where they try to deny all liability for anything other than a bruise or a sprain.  So, it has become increasingly hard for injured workers to sustain their benefits in the workers […]