Is Workers’ Comp Cheating You?

If you have found this page, you have to be wondering if workers’ comp is cheating you out of your medical treatment and benefits. After all, it’s an insurance program, and everyone knows that insurance companies exist to collect premiums and minimize the cost of paying a claim. The Texas workers’ compensation system is no […]

Who Keeps The Family Pet In A Texas Divorce?

Fur Baby

Who keeps the family pet in Texas Divorce?  In Texas we love our pets.  They are part of our families.  They love us regardless of our imperfections.  In stressful or disturbing times, there are few things as relaxing as petting our family fur babies. Our lives change when we go through a divorce.  Texas has […]

Rear-Ended Car Accident

Hit from behind

Rear-ended Car accidents occur when you are hit by the vehicle behind you. What should you do after this type of accident?

Texas Workers’ Compensation Hearings During Covid

Texas workers' compensation hearings during covid

The onset of the covid pandemic disrupted many industries, including the workers’ comp system in Texas.  As we have modified our processes during this time, one of the major changes is the effect this has had on Texas workers’ compensation hearings during covid.  Injured workers are affected the most by these changes. How Injured Workers […]

Social Security Disability Hearing During Covid

social security disability hearing during covid

Despite an ongoing national pandemic, the SSA has maintained its ability to conduct a social security disability hearing during covid.  Because the agency was already conducting some hearings by phone, the SSA was able to implement that protocol across the board.  While it’s a good thing that hearings continue to happen, a social security disability […]

How Does Workers’ Comp Work In Texas?

how does workers comp work in Texas

There are Federal workers’ compensation laws and state workers’ compensation laws.  Federal law governs work injuries that occur while someone is working for a Federal government agency.  State workers’ compensation laws govern work injury claims that happen while working for a business in any given state.   Every state has different workers’ compensation laws.  Texas workers’ […]

Pulled Over By The Police

How to act when pulled over by the police

How to act when you are pulled over by the police. Simple steps that will help your encounter run smoother.

Negligence Per Se

Cause an accident when violating the law.

Negligence per se occurs when a person breaks the law. This violation puts others safety in danger.

Dallas Standing Order

Dallas Divorce or Suit Affecting Parent-child relationship

The Dallas Standing Order is in place during divorce proceedings and suits affecting the parent-child relationship

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