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A Texas dog bite case may have different factors arising from it.  First of all, the owner of the dog could be found criminally negligent if they fail to secure the dog and it makes an unprovoked attack.  Finally, the owner could found liable for damages to the victim.

Texas Dog Bite Criminal Charge

If you own a dog and the dog attacks another person, you could be charged with a third degree felony.  To be found guilt of criminal negligence, the state must show:

  1. With criminal negligence that you failed to secure your dog and it makes an unprovoked attack to another person.  The attack occurs off of your property and causes serious bodily injury to the other person.  Or,
  2. You know that it is a dangerous dog.  It made an unprovoked attack on another person outside of the dog’s enclosure.

If your dog attacks another person, make sure that your contact a criminal defense attorney experienced with this type of case.

Texas Dog Bite Liability Case

Have you or a loved one been attacked by a dog?  If so, the dog owner may be liable for damages.

The owner of the dog may have strict liability for your damages if you establish the following:

  1. The defendant owned or possessed the animal.
  2. The dog had dangerous propensities abnormal to its class.
  3. The defendant knew or had reason to know that the dog was dangerous.
  4. The dog’s dangerous propensities were a cause of the damages.

Most of these cases end up being against the defendant’s home owner’s insurance.  If they are renting and do not own the home, alternative sources must be looked at.  Go over the facts with your personal injury lawyer to determine the best way to proceed.


Texas dog bite cases can have serious results.  Don’t attempt to handle it with out proper representation.

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