Were you in an auto accident without insurance?  Did another driver cause the auto accident without insurance?  If you answer yes to either of the above questions, you need to understand your legal rights.

Texas Insurance Requirements

Texas requires that drivers carry at least minimum levels of insurance.  The law requires you to carry liability insurance to cover the vehicles and people that are damaged as a result of your negligence.  The minimum levels are:

This is called 30/60/25 coverage.  If you don’t carry at least this level of coverage, you can be ticketed.

Other Driver Caused Auto Accident Without Insurance

Did another person cause the auto accident? The accident caused injuries to you. To make it worse, you found out that they didn’t have auto insurance. you have some options. 

The simplest way is through your own auto insurance.  Most of us have Uninsured Motorist coverage (UIM).  Your uninsured motorist policy is in place to pay for property damage and injuries that were caused by a person with no insurance.  It will also pay when the other driver did not have sufficient insurance to cover your damages.

You Were Uninsured In An Accident

If you are in an auto accident without insurance you still may be able to recover for your damages.  If the accident was the fault of the other driver, you can pursue damages through their insurance.  Make sure that you talk to your personal injury attorney right away.  They will help you to deal with the other driver’s insurance company.

If you attempt to deal with the claim on your own, the insurance will likely try and place the blame on you for not having insurance.  This starts when they ask you to provide a recorded statement.


Accidents happen.  If you have been involved in an accident and there are questions about insurance, make sure that you have professionals on your side.

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