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What does it mean to be a parent in Texas?  The term family has changed a lot over the last 100 years.  With mixed families, adoptions, and even children born through a common law relationship.  There are cases where it can be hard to determine what makes you a parent.

The Texas Family Code defines parent as:

Sec. 101.024.  PARENT.  (a)  “Parent” means the mother, a man presumed to be the father, a man legally determined to be the father, a man who has been adjudicated to be the father by a court of competent jurisdiction, a man who has acknowledged his paternity under applicable law, or an adoptive mother or father.  Except as provided by Subsection (b), the term does not include a parent as to whom the parent-child relationship has been terminated.

(b)  For purposes of establishing, determining the terms of, modifying, or enforcing an order, a reference in this title to a parent includes a person ordered to pay child support under Section 154.001(a-1) or to provide medical support or dental support for a child.

Rights & Duties of A Parent in Texas

If you are a parent in Texas, you have certain rights and duties.  You have the right to keep your child, direct the moral and religious training, and to determine where they will live.  You have the duty to care for, control, protect and to reasonably discipline your child.

Your rights and/or duties may be affected if you are going through a divorce.  A suit affecting a parent-child relationship (SAPCR), may also affect your relationship.  This could limit or even remove your rights or duties.


If you are a parent and you are concerned about your relationship with your child you need to consult with a family law attorney.  You may need to protect your child from the other parent.  Or, you may need to protect our relationship with your child.