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What are temporary orders during a divorce?  Even if your marriage is emotionally over, separating your intertwined life and possessions from a person who was so connected to everything can be difficult. 

In a perfect world, a spouse who is the income earner would continue to make all payments until the divorce is final.  The spouse who maintains the home and any children would include their spouse.  However, this is not always the case.  Some people going through a divorce no longer feel financially or emotionally obligated to support or include their estranged spouse in decisions. 

Because of this, Texas created temporary orders during a divorce.  Temporary orders generally deal with how the parties must interact between each other, in respect to their children, their property, and their debt.  The temporary orders stay in effect until the divorce becomes final.

The Texas system attempts to maintain as much normalcy as possible.  They don’t want children to be pulled from their piano lessons because their custodial parent can’t afford to continue the payments.  Monthly bills and interactions with the children should stay as if there was no divorce proceedings. 

Some counties in north Texas have standing orders to protect these issues.  This means that the county requires every case to abide by certain standards in their interactions.  These counties include Dallas, Collin, Denton, Kaufman, and Rockwall.  Tarrant county does not have automatic standing orders.  So, dealing with temporary orders is more important.


If you are thinking about going through a divorce, make sure that you prepare properly.  Consult with an attorney before you move forward with the action.  Issues such as temporary orders during a divorce will affect how both of you will live during the divorce proceedings.  If you abide by these orders, it will hopefully lead to smoother interactions even after the divorce becomes final.