In our last blog we discussed Texas assault charges.  The lowest level of charge is a class c misdemeanor.  This level of charge is equivalent to a speeding ticket or being caught at an illegal gambling hall.

If you are charged with a Class C Misdemeanor assault, it will consist of a threat or mere touch or contact to the victim.  There must not be any damage or harm to the victim.  Like other criminal charges, you are entitled to a legal defense.

However, you are not able to have the Texas assault charge as a class C misdemeanor if the victim is:

  1. Elderly (65 years or older);
  2. disabled individual (a person who is unable to protect     himself from harm or to provide food, shelter, or medical care for himself); or
  3. A sports participant in the course of performing his duties      or the assault is in retaliation for the participant’s duties;

If you are convicted of a Class C Misdemeanor, you can receive a fine not to exceed $500.  Even a conviction for this level of assault can cause you problems in the future.  Make sure that you invest in an attorney to assist you in defending yourself for this charge.