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If you’ve been involved in an accident with an 18 wheeler, time is of the essence.  They will have a team of people building their defense by doing damage control after the accident.  You need to do the same. How you prepare to present your position is extremely important in dealing with the insurance carrier. They will have collected information. Your chances of getting the right settlement will depend upon how you present your claim.


The scene of an 18 wheeler accident will have clues. It may have such things as skid marks and other damage done to the road or surrounding area. The same weather conditions may still be present.  What time of day or night did the accident occur?

Your legal team will visit the accident scene about the same hour that the accident occurred. Where is the sun? What is the traffic like, and are there other distractions? Take pictures or video of the scene.

Inspect the vehicles.  This includes the black box or Engine Control Module (ECM).  This will assist in reconstructing how the accident happened. The ECM will provide a treasure trove of information. Almost all 18 wheeler tractors have them.

Review the medical records.  The medical records will help to understand where the impact came from and the level of damage the accident caused. They will provide information as to how long recovery may take and what your permanent injuries are likely to be.


18 wheeler accidents are more complicated than normal accidents. A normal 18 wheeler weighs up to 16 times as much as an average car. This makes an 18 wheeler accident a lot more deadly. Therefore, trucking companies are required to carry greater levels of insurance. The insurance allows for a greater recovery to compensate you for your damages.