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Can I Work While Getting Social Security Disability Benefits?

Is it possible to receive social security disability benefits while working? For instance, what happens if you qualify and are receiving social security disability benefits; but you are feeling a little better. You think you might be able to do a little work to get a few extra dollars coming in?  Are you able to work and receive benefits at the same time?

In certain situations, a person is able to have gainful employment and still receive their benefits. You need to know how much you will earn to make the determination.

In order to get social security disability benefits while working, you have to prove that you could not perform “substantial gainful activity”. That’s a special social security phrase that means “I can’t make very much money because of my disabilities.”  

Substantial gainful activity, in 2018, specifically means that you can’t earn over $1180.00 per month because of your health conditions.  This means that you can get social security disability and return to work. This is as long as you are not able to earn more than $1,180.00 per month in wages. Each year this number changes, so make sure that you review it for the current time period.

It also means that if your medical conditions have limited your earning ability to less than $1,180.00 per month. You can still work and qualify for social security disability benefits. If your reduction in earnings has been ongoing for 12 continuous months or you have not been working at all.

If you are not able to work at your normal employment. But, feel that you are able to work at some capacity, have you attorney go over it to see how you could be affected. you attorney should guide you on the best approach to take.