A Dallas truck accident attorney is a different creature. They go beyond the attorney practicing in the personal injury field.  The laws are the same as normal auto accidents. The claims are handled very differently.

If you have been involved in an accident with a truck or commercial vehicle, it is important that you make the proper decisions.  It starts by setting up your claim, and goes through the negotiating and possible trial.

Dallas Truck Accident Attorney

Commercial trucks are owned and operated by companies and businesses.  If one of their trucks is responsible for an auto accident, the company can be held responsible. 

Most people are judgment proof. Meaning, they don’t have assets that may be seized.  Most companies have assets.  These assets can be seized after a lawsuit. A serious jury verdict could bankrupt the company.  To protect their company, most businesses will carry an appropriate level of commercial insurance.

Insurance companies that represent companies know how to limit their liability after an accident.  They immediately hire accident deconstructionist.  They will immediately start their investigation.  It will include a review the evidence. This includes the black box from the truck.

After an accident, have your Dallas truck accident attorney start their investigation right away.  This way the accident scene, the vehicles and any witnesses can be examined.

With higher insurance policies, your doctors will have more latitude in providing treatment and diagnostic exams.  Fully treat your injuries to maximize your recovery.

Truck Accident litigation

Many truck accidents require litigation.  This could be in State or Federal court.  The Rules of Evidence differ from State to Federal courts.  Make sure your attorney feels comfortable in either court.


Truck accidents can result in serious injuries.  Manage your claim in the same way.  If you or a loved one has been involved in a commercial accident, contact your Dallas truck accident attorney.