People don’t want to talk to lawyers.  I get that.  Lawyers bring to mind conflict, expense, paperwork and appointments.  But, sometimes lawyers allow for a speedy process, problem solving, resolution, benefit payments and progress.  Especially in the hard times, a lawyer can be of great benefit.  If you are unable to work and seeking social security disability benefits, you are in one of those times when it could help to call a lawyer.  When is the right time to call a social security disability lawyer?

Applying For Social Security Disability Benefits

Should you call a social security disability lawyer to help you fill out the application for social security disability benefits?  There are a lot of lawyers who won’t take on a case before the application for benefits is denied.  They don’t want the headache of filing an application.  At our office, we think it is important to fill out the application for our clients.  Statistics show that people represented by a social security disability attorney are awarded benefits more often than those without one. 

When we fill out the social security disability application, we have a better understanding of how to answer the questions.  We know what’s important to the SSA and what’s not.  Our lawyers often track down additional records or information that can give you a better chance at approval at this early stage.  It’s important to know how to pick an “alleged onset date” for your disability application.  That can make the difference in your claim.  So can the right medical evidence.  And we know how to pursue the automatic approvals with certain medical conditions like spinal stenosis.  In our opinion, if you want to file an application for benefits, it is time to call a social security disability lawyer.

Filing An Appeal Of A Social Security Denial

If your application for benefits has been denied, then you definitely need to call a social security disability lawyer.  There are deadlines to file an appeal.  Evidence needs to be requested and gathered.  It is important to properly prepare for a hearing with a judge.  A lawyer that knows social security disability law will be able to explain what happens in a social security disability hearing.  That lawyer can help you prepare to answer the questions the judge is going to ask…in the right way.  A lawyer can properly cross-examine the vocational expert and the medical expert that the judge will use.  These are all crucially important parts of the appeals process.  That’s why you need to call a social security disability lawyer.

Nationwide Representation

Our social security disability lawyers handle cases nationwide.  We used to fly around the country, but hearings today are being held online by video only.  Given today’s technology, we can review your case by email.  We can talk to you on the phone or by video.  This year has taught us how to be more accessible than ever before.  Please let us know if you have any questions or needs.  We are here to help.  Call us at 214-357-1782 or email us at