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Causes of Serious Accidents:

With so many trucks out on our highways, you need to understand what are some of the primary causes of serious accidents caused by truck drivers.

Driver Fatigue:

The first 18 wheeler claim that I handled involved a truck driver that fell asleep hauling a full load on I-35 between Waco and Dallas.  He drove acr oss to the other side of the highway and struck our clients head on. We reviewed the driver’s log. It established that he had been driving too many hours and fell asleep because of fatigue.
Truck drivers push too hard to get their job done.  Fatigued driving is dangerous for any driver.  But it’s much worse if your driving the largest vehicle on the road.


Commercial trucks all have a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR).  vehicles are not allowed to exceed their GVWR.  All of us have seen weigh stations along the highways to insure this.  
However, you would be surprised that some companies attempt to cheat the system.  By overloading their trailers, they haul more product in a single trip.  This puts too much stress on the braking system, suspension, axles and power train.  The extra weight may cause a vehicle to lose control when they need to brake or maneuver quickly.

Distracted Driving:

More and more accidents are caused every year by drivers who are talking or texting on their cell phones.  This is also true with commercial drivers.  It is always important to get their phone records after an accident.  This will help to see if this was a factor in causing the accident.

Inexperienced Drivers:

As the need to more CDL license holders grows, the more accidents we see caused by drivers who do not have the proper licensing or experience to safely complete their work.

Mechanical Malfunctions:

There are very specific maintenance requirements to keep tractors and trailers at their peak performance.  Unfortunately, come companies forgo required services to squeeze out a greater profit for their company.  This could lead to horrific results to other vehicles on the roads.

Driving Conditions:

In States like Texas we see a lot of commercial vehicles traveling on small country roads to get out to the oil fields delivering large equipment and machinery that is beyond the capacity of the road system to handle.


These are just a few of the causes of serious accidents that a commercial vehicle can create. Many of these accidents will forever change the lives of all those involved in it.  Make sure that you have a professional investigate any claim that you have against a commercial trucking company.